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Learn more about the Map Animation options eLogii offers.

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This article explains how the map view in eLogii can be customized.

The map display settings options can be accessed by clicking on the Map Display button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Routes, Tasks, Drivers, Zones

Depending on your visual preferences, you can choose to hide non-selected routes as well as show detailed ones.

  • Tasks - markers can be clustered

  • Zones and drivers - can be shown or hidden on the map

  • Routes - Hide or show non-selected Routes, Show detailed/simplified Routes. Show/hide weekday on markers, Show all/show Task only segments, Always show Route stops/ show highlighted Route stops.

  • Drivers - Show all/For selected Route, Show or hide start/end location.


  • Show depot locations - This allows you to show or hide depots on your map

  • No traffic lines - You may choose to include traffic lines on your map

  • No grid - Hide or show the map grid

  • Disable animation - When you hover your mouse over any route animations will appear to highlight it. This can be disabled.

  • Disable auto zoom .- If this is disabled, the map will not be zoomed into when you click on a route

  • Disable auto tilt - This will disable any map tilting


eLogii offers a selection of map themes to choose from.

Dark theme

Light theme



Please note that If you have large operations (1,000s of daily tasks), depending on system performance there might occasionally be visual lag on the Planning and Monitoring screens.
Simplifying the map view in the Operations Screen - may help if any visual lag. Disabling map animation may improve performance in these cases and reduce the visual lag.

Simplifying the map view can be done in the Configuration β‡’ Dashboard Settings.β‡’ Map options where you can disable map animations. Here you also have the same options for various entities (Tasks, Drivers, Routes and Zones) as seen on the Map display option panel on the Planning screen).

Click Save once the feature has been disabled.

Map selection modes

eLogii has a few selection modes in place which allow users to effortlessly select different map sections and Tasks located on those sections. The following selections can be made:

  • Rectangle selection - Ctrl + Shift + Mouse drag

  • Polygon selection - Alt + Click

  • Add point to selection - Ctrl + Click

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