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Adding skills to a driver

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Driver skills enable you to make sure certain tasks requiring certain skills are only optimized to the relevant driver / drivers with the skill.

You can use skills as a way to add a particular attribute to your driver - for example if the driver speaks Spanish, you can assign them to Spanish-speaking customers, or tasks that require knowledge of the language, based on this skill.

Another way you could use driver skills is to 'zone' a city - for example: Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3. This would ensure that drivers with a Zone 1 tag handle tasks from Zone 1 and that they do not go to drivers in other zones of the city. This is one way of utilizing Driver Skills. eLogii has a dedicated Zone feature, and you can read more about it here.

You could also use skills to ensure for example that only experienced drivers go to visit certain customers and so on.

Adding Driver Skills

When optimizing, your tasks with specific skills requirements will be matched accordingly with the drivers with those skills tags.

Setting up driver skills can be done in Configuration β‡’ Driver Skills.

Click Save once the skills have been added.

After setting up Driver Skills in Configuration, the next step is to add this skills to the drivers themselves.

Adding a skill to a driver can be done in Drivers β‡’ Driver Profile β‡’ Skills.

Click Save once all the skills have been assigned.

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