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How to find the task tracking link

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Allowing your customers/recipients to track their ongoing deliveries is possible by adding the tracking link of the task to your communications with them or by setting up their notifications.

Tracking Link can be found in Tasks ⇒ Tracking Link.

The tracking link shows information such as driver’s current location, status, ETA, the customer’s address, etc.

The tracking page allows Customers to have insight into the different stages their Order (the Task) is at. For example, the Customer will know if their order has been created, if it's been picked up and so on. Note that the Customer will only be able to see the Driver's live location if they start the delivery process for the Task. In other words, once the Task status is set to En Route, the Driver's live location will be displayed on the Order tracking link.

In addition, if the option to see the Task history and Proof of Delivery in the tracking page is enabled there is a location icon beneath the completed state that shows the geolocation of Driver at time of completion. This can be done in Configuration ⇒ Tracking page ⇒ Show task history.

Customizing what the customer can see can be done in Configuration ⇒ Tracking. To learn more about this, please refer to this article.

eLogii allows users to customize the tracking page even more though Code snippet. This feature gives you the option to integrate practically any external tool you use as an asset to your operations.

In case you don't want the specific time to be shown, but rather the approximate time window of 2 hours. You can do this in the Tracking Page section Configuration ⇒ Tracking page ⇒ ETA time span.

💡 Pro tip - Show ETAs as time spans

If you want to show ETA (calculated once the route is created and adjusted over time) instead of a fixed time window set in the Task, you can show ETA with a time span which you can predefine.

The tracking link will not display an ETA until the Route is created (i.e. a Task assigned to a Driver), but once the Route is created ETA time span will be displayed.
This way you will be able to display a time window of a configurable duration around the ETA time (not an exact ETA).

Keep in mind that in this case, you would need to have to have Hide ETA information option switched off.

Customers can also rate and comment on their experience from the tracking page. This data will be collected and stored in eLogii, and it can be accessed on the Driver profiles in Drivers ⇒ Select Driver profile ⇒ Ratings.

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