Driver Telemetry

Learn how to view driver's live phone data

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This feature allows for the dashboard user to view live driver data, for example, their current speed and whether they are walking or in a vehicle.

Viewing it can be done in Planning Driver Card Driver Telemetry.

This will prompt a window screen with all of the driver data as well as zoom in on their route on the map.

💡Pro tip

The Driver telemetry panel accurately shows information regarding the Driver such as last known location and last seen in-app. If this isn't the case, the permissions might not have been set adequately on the Driver's phone. The location permission should be set to "Always" rather than when in-app. You can learn more about it in this article.

In case the Driver's last location and last seen data is not displayed correctly, here are a couple of suggestions which ensure the feature works properly:

  • Ensuring strong Internet connectivity

  • Disabling cache and reloading the page

  • Preferably using Google Chrome, since eLogii is best optimized for Google Chrome.

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