Live ETA Updates

Learn how to view live ETA updates of your routes

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These are live updates sent to the dashboard as the routes are being executed (for example, if traffic moving slowly ETA will show later).

They can be found in the Planning β‡’ Driver Route β‡’ Live ETA.

By selecting any of the assigned Drivers on the right hand side of the screen will zoom in on their route, and you will be able to see their current location, as well as all their stops.

Hovering over any of the stops will display the Task name, Task current location Task time window and ETA. If there are multiple Pickups/ deliveries at the same location, they will be displayed like so:

Any changes to the Task's current location will be reflected on the displayed information.

This means that in case on of your Drivers is stuck in a traffic jam, the ETA will automatically update to a later time.

To check the status of a specific Driver, select the assigned Driver on the right hand side of the screen. This will prompt the screen to zoom onto that Driver's Route, showing the current location and the Tasks. To further check the details of the planned stops, hover over each stop to see the Task name, current location, planned Time window, and ETA.

Some stops can have multiple Pickups/Deliveries (depending on your setup), and that information can be seen as well..

On the left hand side of the screen, you are able to see all the Tasks and their live states. You can navigate between the different task states and chose to see all of them, or just specific states (for example, only Failed Tasks).

When a status filter has been deselected it will be grayed out.

Displaying Late Tasks

You are able to quickly view all the Tasks that have been done after the specified time window by clicking the Late Tasks filter icon at the bottom of the Task List section.

The ETA and the Task completion time are displayed side by side.

Clicking on the arrow next to the filter will display a graph showing the number of late Tasks out of all the Tasks for that day, as well as Average and Maximum lateness.

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