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Manual Task Assignment

Learn how to manually assign your tasks

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Assigning a task manually can be done one of two ways. The first is dragging and dropping the task card to the appropriate driver card.

The second way can be done by clicking Task Card โ‡’ Assign.

You are able to assign Tasks individually, or multiple Tasks to a Driver or a Team at once, To do this, enter selection mode, select the Tasks you want to assign and select 'Assign'.

This will prompt a window with a drop-down menu where you can select the appropriate driver.

You are also able to assign task to a particular Team, not just a Driver alone. You can learn more about assigning a Team to Tasks here.

When Tasks are manually assigned, to Drivers and if all constraints are accounted for, there shouldn't be any "Unconstrained" label on the Driver's card. However, the "Unconstrained" label appears in two instances_

  1. If a Task is added to a Driver who already has a created route

  2. If Tasks exceed the Driver's Vehicle capacity and schedule.

The photo below illustrates both of this cases.

Since the capacity and schedule utilization constraints are not over the limit, it is possible to remove the "Unconstrained" label from the Driver card. To do this, simply select the Driver's route and reoptimize.

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