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Driver Depot and Location Setup
Driver Depot and Location Setup

Learn how to assign Driver to a Depot and how to set up their Start and End Locations

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Driver Depot Assignment

Driver depot assignment enables drivers to handle tasks from depots that are not set as their start or end locations. This is important if, for example, you have a driver from a particular depot you'd like to pick up or deliver a package to one of your other depots.

Assigning your other depots to a driver can be done in Drivers β‡’ Driver Profile β‡’ Depot Assignment.

One driver can be assigned to multiple Depots.

Driver Start and End Location

Setting the driver start and end location can be done in Drivers β‡’ Driver profile.

There are a couple of different possibilities for the driver Start/ End locations, and they are:

  • Depot

  • Custom location

  • Last known location (only for Start location)

  • No Start/ End location

If you choose to have your Driver start/end from a Depot, it will automatically pick the assigned Depot as the start/end location. If the Driver is assigned to multiple Depots, you would need to choose which one he starts and ends his shift in. However, depending on your payment plan, it is possible to set that your Driver begins their route from one Depot and ends it in a different one.

It is also possible to set a custom location, and that can be any location. For example, you can set the Driver's home address as their start or end location, if the start their workday from their home.

If you opt for "Last known" location option, eLogii will take the driver's last known location and use it as a starting point for the next workday.

In addition, you can also chose to have no Start/End location for your Driver by selecting the No Start Location or No End Location option.

Click Save once the information has been added

Please note that In case you have multiple depots, the system will use the first one as default when creating a Depot- specified Task.

If you have multiple Depots, and need to specify which Depot the Tasks is going to be picked up from, both the Depot and Delivery location need to be sent, and this will create a type 2 Task (i.e. one having both a pickup and a delivery segment)..

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