Vehicle Capabilities

Setting up vehicle capabilities

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Vehicle Capabilities enable you to make sure certain tasks requiring certain vehicle attributes are only optimized to the relevant vehicles.

You could use Vehicle Capabilities to ensure that tasks requiring lifting equipment only get assigned to vehicles with that equipment on board. For example, some vehicles are refrigerated, and others are not. This is an important piece of information when optimizing. To avoid having tasks with packages that need to be refrigerated, assigned to vehicles that don't have refrigerated storage, you can create a vehicle capability called "refrigerated".

Adding Vehicle Capabilities

When optimizing, your tasks with specific requirements will be matched accordingly with the vehicles.

Setting up vehicle capabilities can be done in Configuration β‡’ Vehicle Capabilities.

Click Save once the capabilities have been added.

The next step is to add these capabilities to Vehicles.

Adding a capability to a vehicle can be done in Vehicles β‡’ Vehicle Profile β‡’ Capabilities.

Click Save once all the capabilities have been assigned.

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