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Advanced Filtering Options

Learn how to filter drivers and tasks on the Planning screen

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eLogii's Advanced filtering options allow users to filter data based on different criteria. The filtering options for Tasks are the same both on the Planning Screen and the Task section.

You can filter Tasks for a specific date in the planning based on multiple parameters some of which include:

  • Current Task state - Any of the existing Task states in eLogii can be included or removed from the Filter view. By default, all possible Task states are included in the view, so for example, if you only wish to list Failed Tasks on the map, remove all the other states from the view.

  • Depot - If you wish to see all the Tasks associated with a specific Depot, you may choose the desired Depot from the dropdown list. Note that you can filter one Depot at a time. By default, all Depots are shown on the map.

  • Required skills and capabilities - This allows you to display Tasks associated with specific Driver skills and Vehicle capabilities.

  • Time Window - All Tasks within a specified time increment will be shown. For example, if you specify the Delivery window to be from 10 AM to 2 PM all Tasks with Time Windows that fall under this increment will be displayed.

  • Priority - You can choose to display Tasks based on their priority. If you wish to see only high-priority tasks you can easily move the slider to display Tasks with Priority ranging from 85-100.

  • Zones - By selecting a specific Zone, all Tasks within that Zone will be displayed. It's possible to select multiple Zones.

  • Order Value - Tasks can be filtered by their value by specifying the order value range from the lowest to the highest value. Every Task with values within the specified range will be displayed.

  • Task estimated completed dates - Specifying the date range for this filter option will display Tasks that fall within the desired range.

  • Task actual finalized dates - The same above-mentioned logic is applied in this case as well.

  • Custom data - Filtering custom data items.

  • Tasks with Notes

  • Tasks with specific PODs (photo, signature, comment)

It is also possible to filter Tasks even based on the Partial Completion state by switching the Partial Completed toggle on.

If the parameters are no longer needed, you can remove them by selecting Reset.

Filtering all Tasks planned outside of their time-window (e.g. utilizing earliness/lateness tolerance, or manually ordered), which makes it significantly easier to stay on top of all Tasks that are either too early or too late.

It's also possible to filter the Drivers/Vehicles with different specifications such as:

  • Route UID

  • Custom data

  • Vehicle

  • Vehicle type

  • Total Route distance

  • Total Route duration

  • Teams

And many more.

You can include or exclude selected data by clicking Any/All/Except when filtering specific information.

Filtering all Tasks planned outside of their time window (e.g. utilizing earliness/lateness tolerance, or manually ordered)

If the parameters are no longer needed, you can remove them by selecting Reset.

Filtering selected Drivers is possible as well. You can select the Drivers you wish to filter and then click on the Filter selected icon to further filter among the Drivers chosen. You can also create and apply presets here.

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